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About Power Protection

Do you own a computer system, home entertainment equipment, large screen TV or any other expensive devices that are plugged into your homes electrical outlets? More than likely you do... and you need some kind of power protection. Whether it's as simple as a surge suppressor or the more protection of a UPS system, you need to protect your electronic equipment.

At a minimum all your computer equipment and home entertainment equipment should be on surge suppressors. You've made an investment in your equipment why not protect it from power surges that can ruin your computer products and other electronic equipment. For a small amount of money (compared to what your equipment cost) you can protect your computer equipment and home electronics from power surges and power spikes. The cost of varies from as low as $5.00 for a simple surge suppressor to hundreds of dollars for larger UPS systems.

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Line Conditioners

Surge Suppressors

UPS Systems

Common power problems and general power protection solutions:
  • Voltage Surges and Spikes

    Surges: Sudden increases in electrical current through the line (longer and more severe than a spike). Surges can be triggered by heavy equipment being turned off or by utility switching. Surges happen frequently but may not be noticed because they last such a short period of time. They can damage hardware and corrupt data.
    (Power protection solutions: UPS System, surge suppressor or line conditioner)

    Spikes: Increase in voltage through the line for a very short period of time. The results can damage hardware and data.
    (Power protection solutions: UPS System, surge suppressor or line conditioner)

  • Brownout or Voltage Sags: A reduction in your incoming electrical current and the cause of most power problems. Your computer has to work harder when it is not being supplied enough power creating more wear and shortening the life of critical components.
    (Power protection solutions: UPS System or line conditioner)

  • Blackouts or Power Failure: Complete loss of power can cause the obvious problems of lost data and hardware damage. When power is restored you can also experience the power problems mentioned above: surges, spikes and voltage sags.
    (Power protection solutions: UPS System)

  • Frequency Variations: Change in frequency stability.
    (Power protection solutions: UPS System, surge suppressor or line conditioner)

  • Line Noise: Signals that are embedded or overlaid onto incoming power. This usually doesn't damage hardware but can corrupt data. It is caused from the use of other electrical equipment or household appliances like microwaves, hairdryers or vacuum cleaners.
    (Power protection solutions: UPS System, surge suppressor or line conditioner)

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