About Computer Products: A Helpful Guide to Computer Related Products. About Computer Products: Computers, Monitors, Printer, Memory, Hard Drives, Power Protection.

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About Computer Products

Home page to your guide in understanding computer products.

About PCs

Ways to save money and questions to ask yourself when purchasing a new computer system.

About Monitors

Different types of monitors and what to look for when purchasing a new CRT or LCD monitor.

About Keyboards

What you need to know about keyboards including wireless options, button options and is it washable?

About Printers

This guide will help you in your search for a laser printer or inkjet printer. Things you need to know about such as resolution dpi (dots per inch), ppm (pages per minute) and do you need color or black and white.

About Hard Drives

Information on RPMs, spindle speed, buffer capacity and what size hard drive do you need.

About Memory

Guide to help your through the diffent kinds of computer memory and links to different memory configurators to help you get the right memory for your computer system.

About Power Protection

  • About Line Conditioners - Information about what a line conditioner does for computer systems and home theater equipment.

  • About Surge Suppressors - Protect your investment in your computer or home theater equipment with inexpensive surge suppressors.

  • About UPS Systems - Uninterruptible power supplies can help you save your computer data from disaster... find out how.

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